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tagged Fitch Family William Stephen Fitch.1945 Emily Howard McKay.1915 Charlotte Fitch&Alfred Tye Wedding Party-F.Fitch&D.Durham.1925 Poss.Connick Family.1920s Mary Fitch&Arthur Burrows James Fitch.1919 Freddie Fitch.1922 victoria rose fitch.1917 arthur edward higgins.1925 William,Vera,Ray Fitch.1940 Jimmy Tye.1943 Kay Fitch.1943 Stephen Fitch.1960 eileen mckay higgins.1945 Audrey Higgins.1945 joan winifred higgins.1950 betty enid higgins.1950 christine howard higgins.1950 Alfred Tye&Kathleen Skinner.1947 Mary Tye&Eric Skinner.1947 M.Winifred Fitch&children.1935 Bertie Burrage.1924 Sheila Burrage,Len Ironmonger.c1940 David Burrage.1948